Writings from an Experienced Infohound for Happier & Healthier Dogs and Cats

About Todd & the Happy Huskies


Todd has lived in Chicago for more than 20 years and is priveleged to be the “Dad” to two amazing Siberian Huskies. Fred Astaire (Astaire) and Ginger Rogers (Ginger). He is the owner of a Pet Bakery and Dog/Cat Supply Store (Happy Husky Bakery) in Evanston, IL.  Todd has a passion for Dog Rescue and Volunteers with Adopt A Husky. He is also a proud member of the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Chicago. Todd truly is an infohound. He looks to improve the pet parent experience for his customers through his research and you can benefit as well. Todd is very sorry to say that his beloved Astaire has passed after a stong fight against a cancer call hemangiosarcoma.  After his diagnosis and operation to remove the intial tumor, Astaire had almost 4 wonderful months with Todd and Ginger.  He was truly a very special dog and friend.  He will be sorely missed but his spirit lives on each day in the Happy Husky Bakery which was created because of very special nature. Everyone that comes to the Happy Husky Bakery gets to see the amazing pictures of him there as well as being a focal part of the Bakery’s Logo.


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