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Fur Real FAQ

What are the Ground Rules for your blog?

  1. No One’s Perfect.  Let’s treat each with respect and know that mistakes happen from time to time.
  2. Comments that demean or seek to cause harm will not be tolerated.  These comments will be deleted from my blog.
  3. Continued use of profanity will be warned.   If it continues, these comments will also be deleted.
  4. Difference of opinion is expected, but respect is once again the key.  Lets treat each other as people and not just computer text.
  5. Fun is a goal here so don’t be too serious.  Some posts may just be “off the cuff” and meant to be a joke or satire.  Understand it as such and take it for what it is.
  6. This blog (as most are) is a method to exchange ideas and build a bit of community.  Enjoy the community for what it is.  People from all walks for life sharing things with each other.
  7. When you can, please try to state facts with your comments. Facts are accompanied by supporting information.  Opinions may not have supporting data.  When challenging information posted in my blog, please state the reference that you are getting the information from.  Consider the places that you are gathering information of this type.  Are they really reputable?  This allows each person that reads my blog to draw their own conclusion about the post and those who disagree.  One usually cannot completely change another’s mind in this relatively short interaction but we may give each other information that might be the beginning of more research.  Through that research, some may change their opinion on a topic.

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  1. Todd, this is great. Looking forward to spending way too much time here!!

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